About Copper Burning and Billy MacRae

Copper Billy

Billy MacRae is notoriously known as Copper Billy in his large circle of friends and admirers. It’s a fitting handle for one of the few successful Copper Burning artists. Billy is an “accidental” artist meaning he came by his medium and technique quite by happenstance. First he learned how to cut and shape raw copper just helping out a friend. Shortly after that he was cooking eggs one morning in a brand new copper pan and noticed the copper changed color as the flame heated it. He even burned a few copper pots for friends and fun. Fascinated by this he started experimenting, he applied heat to scraps of copper with a Variflame torch to see exactly what he could do with it. He was amazed at the enormous range of colors and fantastic patterns the copper yielded with the varied degrees of heat.

Much to his surprise he mastered controlling the colors by controlling the temperature. Billy found a variety of reds prominent with a low heat. With a little more heat and he got a range of yellows and greens. Just a little more heat and here came the blues. With extreme heat the beautiful spectrums of purple blossom. Copper Billy, using a torch as a paintbrush, had stumbled into his life long art medium, Copper Burning. Upon completion of a piece he gives it the highest quality clear coat sealing out oxygen and preserving the piece with a lifetime guarantee.

Copper Billy creates fabulous, never to be repeated pieces. Remarkable and highly prized vases, wall and garden art, pendants, necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets, concho belts, hair accessories, the most unique bookmarks, and even light switch plates. All as individual as you are, all full of extreme color and all are conversation pieces. Your Copper Burning piece will last forever and will bring hours of pleasure as you gaze into the infinite colors and patterns Copper Billy’s work is famous for.

Billy MacRae

Billy MacRae has had as colorful a life as his copper burnings. He divides his time between his own personal island in New Brunswick, Canada where he winters and enjoys his own little piece of heaven and hot property in the great State of Texas.  Every summer and thru the fall he studios and creates the majority of his one of kind masterpieces in the United States. While his creative business thrives he finds time to deepen his relationships and recount the many extraordinary experiences his travels have afforded him. Billy is great storyteller with a wealth of excitement and north of the border “eh’s” in them!

Enjoy this window into Copper Burning and Copper Billy on pages of this site. You can see and purchase you very own Copper Burning from Copper Billy at either of his shops at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, MN every summer or the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, TX every fall. He will be happy to see you and to show you all the colorful mysteries he coaxes out of Copper.

Copper Billy

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